Wilderness areas

Between 2002 and now, the Foundation gradually purchased a total of 12,800 hectares of land on the former military training grounds of Jüterbog, Heidehof and Lieberose south of Berlin and Tangersdorf north of Berlin. All of the purchased areas are designated nature reserves, some of them being additionally assigned FFH or SPA status.

Areas belonging to the Wilderness Foundation


The huge area “Jüterbog” stayed coherent and not dissected by roads, settlements or other uses because it has been under military use from the 19th century to 1994 (size of former military training ground: 9,300 hectares). It is now a nature reserve and part of the nature park “Nuthe-Nieplitz”. More than 75% percent are already free of all kinds of intervention. The landscape differs from sand dunes, heathlands and evolving forests in the central area to wetlands and older forests in the fringe. Rare species as Grey Wolf, European Otter, Bechstein’s bat and hoopoe live there and the area is listed as FFH and SPA. A 30 km network of hiking trails lets people participate in nature’s development and beauty.


“Heidehof” is only a few kilometres east of the foundation’s area “Jüterbog” and part of an even bigger former military training ground with a total area of 12.000 hectares. A part is temporarily used as a wind farm but 1,400 hectares are already free of interventions. “Heidehof” is a feeding ground for the neighbouring Wolf population and also houses rare species as European Nightjar and stag beetle Lucanus cervus. It is also protected as nature reserve, FFH and SPA.


“Lieberose” offers a variety of valuable forest- and wetland-biotopes as bogs and clear water lakes together with heathlands and large sandy areas. The foundation’s area is part of one of the biggest former military areas (27,000 ha) of GDR. “Lieberose” is habitat for plenty of species with impressing representatives such as Grey Wolf, European otter, beaver and white-tailed Eagle. Special feature of “Lieberose” is its geological configuration as a complete glacial series. Parts of it are also a nature reserve and FFH- and SPA-area and already 65 % are managed without any interventions.


“Tangersdorf” is the smallest of the foundation grounds but is embedded in an even bigger nature reserve and former military training area with a total area of 6,000 hectares. An impressing particularity is the beaver-built 150 hectares area of swamps and lakes in its surroundings. Valuable wetlands and bogs with rare insects and birds species are characteristic for “Tangersdorf” but you also find old growth forests and heathlands there. The area is listed as FFH and SPA.