Our vision and guidelines


"We, the Vison an guidelines | Brandenburg Wilderness FoundationBrandenburg Wilderness Foundation, protect and network large wilderness areas so that nature can develop freely. This is our contribution to the preservation of biodiversity. We create the ancient woodlands of tomorrow and bring people nearer to the importance and beauty of undisturbed nature."





1. Protection of natural processes
Wilderness is our concept. On the majority of our land, natural processes are self-sustaining and without intervention.

2. Acquisition and protection
We acquire and take on large, continuous areas which are valuable for nature conservation, particularly former military training areas in the state of Brandenburg. We thus contribute to the preservation of the national natural heritage of Germany.

3. Expertise and communication
As owners of large wilderness areas we have the expertise to support wilderness development, public-private partnership in conservation, and dealing with land contaminated with munitions. We cooperate with partners in projects and impart our knowledge to the specialist audience. In addition, we communicate our work and the importance of wilderness to the general public for its recognition and acceptance in politics, economy and society.

4. Biotope network
We are committed to the integration of our large-scale wilderness areas as a core area for a national and trans-European biotope network. With wilderness protection and ecological networking we fulfill important objectives of the national strategy on biodiversity.

5. Experience Nature
In some areas we enable the experience of fascinating landscapes, and we show the beauty of wilderness.

6. Financial principles
For us, professional land management means the economical implementation of environmental requirements. We secure our freedom of action through income from asset management, fund-raising and other project resources, and create the same proceeds for sponsors.